Using Source Codes to Track Donations

Source codes are a powerful and necessary tool for tracking where your donations are coming from. By consistently adding unique codes to the links you share on your website, in your emails, your advertisements, or on social media, you can see directly in your database exactly where and from which messages your specific donations are coming from.

Crowdpac currently supports two tracking codes: ?source_code and ?ref_code.

Here's how they work:

1) Add ?source_code= or ?ref_code= to the end of the URL to your Crowdpac campaign page.

For example:

2) Add the code you want to use to track activity with after the = sign. Anything you enter after the = sign will show up in your donor database (don't use spaces).

For example: ?source_code=websitemodule or ?ref_code=email03082016

3) To use both codes together, simply join them with the & symbol.

For example:

To see the results, click "view contributions" on the campaigns page for your account and then click Export to CSV. Your codes will show up in the "External Source Code" and "External Ref Code" columns of the spreadsheet.

Currently, Crowdpac only supports tracking source codes directly to campaign pages or donate forms. If the user travels around the Crowdpac website or leaves the page and re-enters, the code will not stay attached to the donation record. That means to make these codes effective be sure to attach them to direct donation appeals.

You can use these codes in combination with the "?amount=" parameter which will send your users directly to a donation page with a pre-selected amount by joining them with the & symbol.

For example: ?source_code=website&amount=25

Click here for more on pre-selected amounts.

Good luck! Thanks again for using Crowdpac. If you need additional support send us an email at

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