How do I use donate forms with pre-selected amounts?

With Crowdpac's custom amount links, you can send your supporters directly to donation pages with pre-selected amounts.

To do so, simply use add this parameter to the end of your campaign page URL:

?amount=[insert amount]

So for example, to set the donation amount to $27 you would use this parameter: 


This URL parameter is very useful for sending supporters directly to your donate pages from emails, social media, or your campaign website. 

This is what the link to Kathy's donate form looks like when the parameter for $10 is added:


To create a link for someone to donate the maximum they are allowed following contribution limits, you will add ?amount=max


To use this parameter in conjunction with other parameters like ?source_code= and ?ref_code= which can help you track where your traffic is coming from, simply use the & symbol to join them together.

For example: ?amount=27&ref_code=website

Click here for more on source tracking.

Good luck! Thanks again for using Crowdpac. If you need additional support send us an email at

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