Run for Office/Nominate a friend

If you are on the fence about running for office (or someone you know is), use our Start Running tool to measure your support. You tell potential supporters why you are interested in running and would make a good candidate. Potential supporters can write endorsements to share why they want you to run and can also pledge money to your campaign in the event you officially declare. Setting up a campaign is free and only takes a few minutes!


How does a pledge work?

Potential donors pledge to a campaign by entering their full payment information (which we can save for later “one click” donations).

Once a candidate declares, donations are processed by Democracy Engine and transferred to the new campaign committee; they are reported just like any other individual contribution to the campaign.


Can I use this without violating campaign finance rules?

Yes. Campaign finance regulates the donation and expenditure of money. A pledge is not a donation and candidates do not pay to use Crowdpac, so no money changes hands. Our lawyers are Marc Elias and Ben Ginsberg, two of the most trusted legal voices for both Democrats and Republicans.


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