How do I change the visibility of a campaign

When creating or editing a campaign, you can decide who can see your campaign. There are three levels of visibility:
  • Public - Your campaign will be publicly listed on Crowdpac.
  • Private - Your campaign will only be available for people with the link. It will not be listed publicly on Crowdpac.
  • Disabled - Your campaign will no longer be available to anyone. The link to your campaign will no longer work, and you will not be able to accept contributions. This option is only available after you publish your campaign, as making it disabled is essentially like un-publishing it.
The visibility options can be found by clicking the “Show advanced options” link at the bottom of the screen. When creating a campaign, this will be available at the bottom of Step 4. You can access these options for an existing campaign by logging into your account, going to My Account in the upper right, clicking Campaigns, and then clicking Edit Campaign for the campaign you’d like to edit.
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