How do I set a short url for my campaign or nomination?

When you create a campaign on Crowdpac, it lives at its own custom URL based on the title of the campaign. In addition to this URL, you can set a custom short URL that will redirect to your campaign. This can be useful for sharing on social media, where you are limited to a certain number of characters.
You can create your short URL, change it, and remove it as many times as you like. Your campaign’s original long URL will always remain in place, and will be unaffected by any changes you make to your short URL.
The short URL you choose must be unique, and you will not be able to save your changes if your desired URL is already taken by another campaign. The format of the URL is as
You can set your short URL by clicking the “Show advanced options” link at the bottom of the screen. When creating a campaign, this will be available at the bottom of Step 3. You can access these options for an existing campaign by logging into your account, going to My Account in the upper right, clicking Campaigns, and then clicking Edit Campaign for the campaign you’d like to edit.
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