Create a Campaign/Fundraising Slate

Crowdpac Campaigns allow you to raise money for a single candidate or political organization or a slate of multiple candidates and organizations. You are in control of the pitch and the fundraising goal. Supporters can easily donate and endorse the campaign. Setting up a campaign is free and only takes a few minutes!

To create a campaign:

  • Go to and click "Create a Campaign"
  • Step 1: Add the candidates/organizations you want to raise money for; click "Save and continue"
    • If we don't have your candidate, please email us at with their full name, race, and website and we will add them to our system
  • Step 2: Name your campaign and set your fundraising goal;  click "Save and continue"
  • Step 3: From there you will add a pitch for why people should support the campaign and post a picture that captures the campaign
    • You have the option of including a video pitch - these have proved very effective in the past
  • Step 4: Preview your campaign. You can click the link in the green box at the top if you want to make changes, otherwise hit publish your page
    • Sign in: A pop-up will ask you to create an account
  • Step 5: We will review your campaign and make it visible on Crowdpac. Until then, you can still share the link to start raising money and collecting endorsements. The most successful campaigns get their close friends to write endorsements and make donations right off the bat in order to get the momentum going. No one likes to be the first person to donate, so it is important to seed it.

After your page is set up, it will be listed in your profile. Go to the My Account dropdown on the top righthand corner of the page and select "campaigns". There you will be able to make edits, post updates, and view who has contributed to the campaign.

Slate Campaign Policies

  1. All recipients must be in the same state (pledges or donations). We don't support campaigns that mix donations and pledges
  2. Maximum 12 recipients per slate
  3. 1 Business day waiting period between campaign submission and when they can begin collecting donations
  4. We will not change recipients of a slate after the campaign is approved
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