Why am I Featured on Your Site?

Potential and declared candidates get profiles on Crowdpac for a variety of reasons including:

  • A user requests that we add a declared candidate to our system
  • A user nominates a potential candidate to enter a race
  • An organization requests we add a candidate so they can be included in their fundraising slate

Crowdpac wants to increase voter information for local races, so we also add profiles for all declared candidates in specific local elections where we can provide useful and objective data.

In cases where our users want to donate to candidates they find on Crowdpac, we act as a platform to connect the donor to the candidate. For purposes of campaign finance, donations made through Crowdpac are direct donations from the donor to the candidate.

If you have specific questions about your profile on Crowdpac, please email us at candidate_support@crowdpac.com 

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