How do I customize the amount buttons on my campaign?

By default, every campaign has suggested amounts for contributions. On your main campaign page there is one large button ($25), followed by 4 smaller buttons underneath ($3, $10, $50, and Other). These amount are also pre-filled on the amount-picker screen of the checkout process, in addition to a “max out” button that lets users contribute the maximum legal amount.
Crowdpac gives you two ways to customize these buttons for your campaign: Simple, and Advanced.
In simple mode, you can customize the amount shown in the large orange button on your campaign page. This is the only place that the custom amount will be shown.
In advanced mode, you have much more control. You can access these options by clicking, "Advanced customization…” There are four custom amounts that you can set. These amounts will be shown on your main campaign page, in addition to the amount-picker screen of the checkout process. The first field is highlighted in orange, and this is the amount that will be shown in the large orange button on your main campaign page.
When in advanced mode, each of the four custom amounts also has an optional label that you can customize. This label is shown in the checkout flow, underneath the custom amount in each button. This is a useful feature when you are running an event campaign, where you can set the label to correspond to different levels of tickets.
Whether you are using simple or advanced mode, you can edit these amounts at any time. You can also change between the modes at any point.
These options are available when creating or editing a campaign. You can access these options for an existing campaign by logging into your account, going to My Account in the upper right, clicking Campaigns, and then clicking Edit Campaign for the campaign you’d like to edit.
Regardless of whether you customize your own button amounts or not, users can always specify their own amount that they’d like to give.
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